Monday, February 15, 2010

Grifter With One Big Bazooka Sketch

Huah....I'm still in CNY holiday mood. So this is the only piece that I can came out over the weekend (I'm such a loser didnt I?...huhu ). Anyway during those period, I've also racking up my head solving the horrible 'wacom lagging' problem in Photoshop CS4  + Windows 7 OS.

Fudge, I really hate this lagging problem...however i think this is a common problem to whoever upgrading their OS to Windows 7, eventho they have a top notch performance computer, still, the lagging happened. The funny thing is, it only appear in Photoshop. (it runs well in Painter, SAI and Flash). And since I do all my sketch and lineart in PS, this thing really bugging me to death!  
AHHH.......WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!!!! *sob sob...

Phew...okay...emo aside, this is the sketch that I did concurrently with the lagging PS hazzard...even it is just a sketch, it's not that half bad I think. And I guess I should be thankful for whatever happened to me  at the moment and not taking anything for granted... ^_^

Allrighty, if you guys a nice solution to my problem, do drop a shout okay? Really appreciate it...bye! :)

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