Monday, February 22, 2010


A kinda rush work. Just sketched this piece last night and made up my mind to color it. The lineart is a bit messy, please pardon me...hihi


Thanks for stopping by....bye!!! *sfx : ziung...ziung....ziung....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Grifter With One Big Bazooka Sketch

Huah....I'm still in CNY holiday mood. So this is the only piece that I can came out over the weekend (I'm such a loser didnt I?...huhu ). Anyway during those period, I've also racking up my head solving the horrible 'wacom lagging' problem in Photoshop CS4  + Windows 7 OS.

Fudge, I really hate this lagging problem...however i think this is a common problem to whoever upgrading their OS to Windows 7, eventho they have a top notch performance computer, still, the lagging happened. The funny thing is, it only appear in Photoshop. (it runs well in Painter, SAI and Flash). And since I do all my sketch and lineart in PS, this thing really bugging me to death!  
AHHH.......WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!!!! *sob sob...

Phew...okay...emo aside, this is the sketch that I did concurrently with the lagging PS hazzard...even it is just a sketch, it's not that half bad I think. And I guess I should be thankful for whatever happened to me  at the moment and not taking anything for granted... ^_^

Allrighty, if you guys a nice solution to my problem, do drop a shout okay? Really appreciate it...bye! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Is Going To Be One Hell Of A Show!

Hi guys, firstly let me wish you a Happy Lunar New Year, may you'll have a prosperity years up ahead.

Okay, this is my first Street Fighter character fanart. Been a fan for these bunch of guys but stopped playing them as my age, how I'd regret that. I just realized that how much I loved Street Fighter back then when I was doing prelim research for this, so you bet there will be more SF character from me in the future (obvious choice: CAMMY!! ^_^)

And as for this piece, don't bother. I was addicted to Jay Z's Empire State of Mind when I was coloring it, so not doing any thinking during the process. Shadows are so ridiculous, but as long it's look's okay. Please close one eye, will ya...haha..

I hope you'll digging it. And please tell me what you think so I can improve more in the future...really appreciate that a lot. Thanks and have a good day. Seeya...

p/s: Tatsunoko vs Capcom, here I come!! Oh ya, please ignore the post case you didnt know, that is something the commentator in Street Fighters said before any of the match begin...and I'm not being cocky...haha)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blanka's Sketch

I cannot believe I'll be doing another green monster...sigh...No, I'm not high on chlorophyll if  that's what you think, it just this is for art battle in a local forum. Just a coincidence they picked this beast so I'm on it. Anyway, tried to play with some anatomy, hope I got it right. Will color this cell shaded style, clean and crisp...^_^ Stay tune okay?


Thanks for stopping by! 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hulk Concept Art

Hi guys! Happy February to you...

Actually for the last couple of days, I was kinda occupied with works and personal stuff, so didnt have any drawing to show during the weekend. To make up for it, today I started sketching a 'concept art' for a famous big mean green monster. If I say he's larger than life would be a really understatement...haha ^_^

Anywho, to draw this guys was some kind of a dilemma to me. I wanted to draw him in my own way, animation kinda stuff, but at the same time I wanted his anatomy to be close to a real figure. A lot of 'erasing, Ctr+Z, and copy/paste' (hail technology!), and after a few hours I finished sketching and continue on coloring in Photoshop CS4.

Well, its not perfect, but I've learned a lot. Hope can improve...Thanks for stopping by!