Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Urm, did anyone notice...?

Hi guys,

Hope you're doing fine in this lovely January days. Not gonna talk much about this piece, just another fanart for my online portfolio and this time I chose Catwoman as my subject matter.
The lineart was done in Illustrator, and although I'm happy with the clean result, it still looks too 'vectorized' to me. So, I swapped back to PS and intentionally created the 'human flaw' to the drawing.
Also, I noticed that I've done a major mistake in the drawing after I'd finished painting, (you will too if you look long enough...haha) so I tried to 'hide' it by adding other elements to draw attention out of it...huhu...I promise next time I will improve on my sketching...:)
Here's Selina Kyle aka Catwoman...

And the process...

Hope you'll like it. Thanks for stopping by...seeya!


irene said...

I love it, its very different! Can't spot the mistake though- I have been staring for a few minutes now.

zehe said...

i'm guessing its the anatomy...but if that was on purpose, then i'll go for the spots.. ;p

Janus Lu said...

Is that the shading on the front leg? Well, I love it, Catwomen cosplay Garfield. Miaow! :)

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