Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hey guys, just registered my Twitter account, and what a pain in the b*tt...Going through all the function and tools all day but still can't figure out how it works! Actually before this, I didnt see the importance for me to get one, but all my favorite person, illustrator, comic artist etc. all of em posted their update in Twitter, or so they've said. However, even now I still tak tahu macam mana nak tulis message dalam tu...anyone care to help me?... :)

Okay, put that aside...just want to post this gesture scenery drawing cos right now I have nothing to show apart of this...hmm...yeah, so this is it...

Just Another Street In Paris, 7.9" x 6.0", Pen on paper, 2009

Thanks for stopping by....oh ya, do visit my twitter page and gives some shout. I absolutely know nothing about it (for now), so just add me and I'll definitely add yours and tweet you back....ooh, it gives me goosebumb just saying that.

My twitter page : http://twitter.com/sammustafa


Adijin said...

Nice drawing, Sam.

Mamat tu borong baguette untuk berapa hari tu? :D

sammy! said...

thanks for stopping by sifu adijin!!! :)

hmm, tu stok roti utk seminggu aje tu...hawhaw

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