Friday, February 11, 2011

Munching Colors!

Hi guys,

Sorry for the MIA during the past two weeks, not much to show and talk about art wise, apologized. Thanks for the 100+ followers, and whoa, that's really a splendid achievement for me. Not really expected all of this one year back, considering I am relatively nobody in this industry :) Thanks for the love guys...

Well, talking about love (no, i don't want to bore you with Valentine's story), I am happy to show you this. SKITTLES! Yay! This stuff flows through my veins, I could eat em for breakfast, and repeat that during lunch and dinner. Guilt free. 

Although I don't think my dentist will be happy to hear about this....^_^;

Bye guys!...munch....munch....munch!



Yizard said...

hahaha that's great to eat while drawing, I like your style of painting with the computer

nice blog, greetings!

Sammy! said...

Thank you so much Yizard! Much appreciated :)

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