Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yours Truly...

Hi guys!!! Hope you're doing swell.....okay, firstly, I would like to congratulate my beloved country, Malaysia, for its 53rd Independence. May the future hold more brighter for us all...^^

Secondly, I want  to apologize for the lack of 'writing' in this blog, not too much information given out instead of  just a single image in every post. Hmm, I don't have many excuse for that really, just that I kinda on tight schedule for most of the time in my weeks, hence I didn't feel really compelled to write anything. I'm not the type of person who let the art do the talking that much, cos I definitely want to share everything about it, such as my thoughts on overall process, why I did that piece, what medium did i use...you know, the usual stuff people explaining about their works, but each time I want to do that, I tend to get lazy and not said a word...haishh...
Anyway, maybe after this I will try to share something (at least) if not everything about my future drawing or whatever, cos I kinda feel that I lose the basic idea of having a blog. Don't worry, even if you guys don't read it, I wont hold a grudge...woohoo...hihi

Last but not least....(hmm, what is it? .......Snap, I forgot.....).......oh ya, I'f you haven't noticed already, I had setup another blog titled "The Daily Sketches of Sammy" last weekend, and as stated, the blog is all about my sketches or probably you can see most of my random doodles over there. The reason I created that blog is just for hooking up all my daily sketches or the 'innocent' art that drew for my warm ups and studies. Well, before this, all of that will probably never see the daylight and I think that blog is a good place to put them as a gallery. Simply put, all the crap that I've done will end up over there...hahaha.....Ohkayy, so go check them out, and I guarantee you guys will love it! And make sure you bookmark, follow, save as page, or whatever, cos you never know what you're gonna see up there... ^^;

That's all for now! Seeya really soon.............woosh, woosh, wooooshhh.........

Friday, August 27, 2010

Farewell Mr. Satoshi Kon

A very sad week for animation industry. The ever talented anime animator/director, Satoshi Kon had died due to pancreatic cancer. He was 46...

We love you, Satoshi sensei!

He left us his last words and it really gets to me. You guys can read the translation at this blog...http://makikoitoh.com/journal/satoshi-kons-last-words

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shoot! I Forgot My Helmet....

Apparently she didn't forget to put on her make up...haha

Monday, August 9, 2010

Random Pencil Work Of The Day...(4)


Did I promised you guys not too long ago that I will frequently put more sketches in my blog? I didnt, did I? Excellent...cos i don't want to break that promise if i ever made one...haha...

Anyway, just did a simple sketch after got back from my trip to KL this week....(Im so tired I couldnt sleep...)

See you guys later....brrmmm, brmmmm, brrmmmmmm.......

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Two Nana's

Simple artwork for Nana fanart...hope you guys like it...^^

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, August 2, 2010