Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shoot! I Forgot My Helmet....

Apparently she didn't forget to put on her make up...haha


kakiSeni said...

Sammy can i ask u something, how do you make ur artline so smooth, are u using photoshop or illustrator or other software? can u make examaple tutorial and upload it to youtube, by the way, ur art is awesome!!!!!

sammy! said...

Hey bro,

Sorry for the late reply, quite busy these few days...hihi
And thanks for your nice comments, really appreciate it. And, for my art above, i usually hand drawn the sketch part and did the lineart either using Flash or Paint Tool SAI. Go check em' out, really handy software.
And as for the tutorial, yeah, Ive been thinking to do that and put it here, maybe a simple WIPs will do (cos Im not a pro myself, haha) stay tune okay?
Thanks for the support! ^^

Janus Lu said...

Cool! :)

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