Sunday, October 3, 2010

Warning! My First Sketch Video....Look Away!

Haha, I never knew editing video is gonna be so much pain in the butt. I spend whole of my precious Saturday just to figure this out. And time well spend my friends! ^^;

Anyway, it's not much. This video supposed to be experimental, but I could not resist myself to shed  some light onto it. So be kind to me okay? However, please don't go popping the popcorn on my behalf....hahaha

On a lighter note, right now you can see and learn some of my method in sketching concept art, or prelims idea if you may said so.  Its not a masterpiece (and it doesn't have to) but this is how I usually presented my idea and development to my clients.  It conveyed the messages just nice and most importantly saved my time extensively.... ^^;

Allrighty, Im really tired right now. Thanks for viewing!
p/s: Please visit The Artbook of Sammy Facebook Page for High Quality version!


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