Sunday, June 20, 2010

Art Mashed Up! (again)

Something to look at in my blog after my brief MIA....hihi

Just some random fanart..hope you'll diggin it ^^

Thanks for visiting!


Janus Lu said...

Cute! One Piece SD version looks great, bro! :)

Mohd. Fahmy b. Mohd Hashim said...

Steve Rogers yg best! ~Good Work Soldier!~

arcus said...

Hi, love ur drawings!!

Can you explain the process of your art works?
I usually do sketches on paper, and trace it on Illustrator but then I do not know what to do. I am still new in this thing. So, do you do all the painting in Photoshop?

Care to explain your process? Thanks =)

sammy! said...

@janus : Thanks man!

@amykamen : yeah, steve rogers rock! hihi

@arcus : Okay, actually at the moment, all my artworks are done digitally. I'm using Wacom and Paint Tool SAI to do sketching and lineart. After that I use Photoshop to color it and add some effect.
Do check my deviantart gallery to see some of the drawing process Ive made ya?...and if you have any enquiry, just feel free to ask (eventho I'm not a master myself, but I will try to assist as best as I can)
Thank you!

arcus said...

Thanks for the reply. I've checked your DeviantArt. Cool! I have a question on some of ur artworks, what is the purpose of doing the base color. I see some of your art where u have the base color like light gray and dark gray. Is it for shadow? So you just blend the layer.

sammy! said...

arcus : hihi, thanks! actually, the base color is for reference for the shadowing process. I need to plan where the shadow drop in the figure before I move on to coloring process....:)

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