Saturday, December 26, 2009

Designing my website logo...

Constructed a new website recently and being a designer myself, it definitely need a logo or an id. The website is not fully, 100% finish cos my personal laptop is in the repair bay somewhere, so I just labeled it "under construction"....typical lazy excuse :)
However, or so, right now I'm trying to come out with a designated logo for Playrobot! website, and we'll see what it going to turn out. Playrobot! is actually a website for a hobby of mine which is 'gunpla/scale modeling', focusing on gundam (oh how nice of me to put a Wiki....^_^), so it's pretty much about robot....and how I 'play' them....hmm...yeah, check the website if you want to see what its all about...

The 'playrobot' logo above is maybe a temporarily use, until I'm finish the new one, so if you guys have any ideas or inspirations that can be plagiarize (ehem2...), please feel free to inform me... till then...seeya!

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